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Prestige beauty category continues strong growth story with Q2 results. Suncare shines bright🌞

The NPD Group recently issued its quarterly report on the US Prestige Beauty category with results showing the category grew 16% vs the same period a year ago to achieve total sales revenue of $6 billion for the quarter. That growth rate was down from the 19% growth seen in Q1 but still quite healthy in the context of all of the recession warnings and potential headwinds to consumer spending that we've been hearing about.

women applying sunscreen - prestige beauty suncare sales revenue grew 51% in Q2 2022
The NPD Group reported that the suncare segment of prestige beauty grew a staggering 51% in Q2 2022 which was slightly lower than the Q1 growth of 60%

The largest segment within prestige beauty, makeup, saw Q2 revenue reach $2 billion on the back of an 18% year-over-year gain. Lip products showed particular strength with lipstick sales growth accelerating to +28% vs Q2 '21.

Prestige skincare growth ticked up slight from Q1 to reach +12% in Q2 putting the category at $1.7 billion for the quarter. Notably, body care growth is still higher than facial skincare growth. The real segment winner however was suncare which saw staggering 51% growth. That was actually a decline in growth rate from Q1 of this year when the suncare segment grew 60% vs the prior year.

Prestige haircare sales, while only totalling $781 million - far less than skincare or makeup, outpaced them in terms of revenue growth. Haircare grew 24% which was also down from Q1 when it enjoyed 30% YoY growth. Hair care, styling and hair color were all up substantially. 'Clean' haircare brands accounted for 25% of all sales which was a 5 point market share gain vs Q2 2021.

If your brand is looking to take advantage of these fast-growing segments in skincare, haircare, or suncare, our team and our facility is well-positioned to help you formulate, reformulate and fill new or existing products that can tap into these growth trends. We are in the final stages of build out on our facility and expect our OTC license and certification before the end of the year for Suncare and Acne products. We have a hot pour line capable of doing lip balms, deodorants, hair treatment masks and many other hot pour formulations. Our team would be happy to walk you through our capabilities and give you a facility tour so don't hesitate to reach out via the contact options in the footer.


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